With the emergence of COVID-19 across the countries of our world, some are asking if doctors of chiropractic are essential healthcare providers. Again and again, the answer is a firm YES.

As an essential healthcare provider, my clinic will remain open to serve the Phoenix valley community.

As primary, portal of entry doctors, chiropractors are licensed and trained to provide all three levels of health promotion and health care prevention interventions including:

> Primary prevention health care that prevents the onset of illness or injury before problems begin.
> Secondary prevention health care that leads to early evaluation and prompt management of disease, illness or injury to prevent more severe problems developing.
> Tertiary prevention health care aimed at recovery following illness.

My office hours are located in the righthand column of the pages of this website, with morning and afternoon hours on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with Thursday morning hours.

Learn more about the importance of why offices like mine must remain open in times of a health crisis: