Our Servicespain

The services offered by Ely Family Chiropractic provides families with wellness focused chiropractic care to the public as per the state licensing provisions. We promote a healthy and active lifestyle. We treat the entire family from infants to our respected elders. Some of our chiropractic services include the following:

· Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities

· Associated musculoskeletal strategies for care

· X-Ray examination and evaluation

· Personal and customized exercise programs

· Development of nutrition and vitamin supplement regimens

· Cold low level laser therapy (Erchonia PL-5000)

· Spine pillows and orthopedic wedges as necessary

· Educational seminars, newsletters, and core-specific trainings to your occupational and/or fitness goals.

All services are on a cash pay basis, except where by law this would be prohibited. Chiropractic service fees are based on services required. Family plans are available based on needs and the number of family members.